furniture design timeline

October 12, 2014

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Every Culture has its beginnings with furniture. Stone Age Scotland is said to have some of the earliest furniture dating back to 3000 B.C. Beds were built with thin stone slabs filled with soft mosses. These prehistoric people also made dressers out of thin slabs of stone and placed these pieces by the front door of the dwelling for all to see.

The Egyptians, viewed furniture as a status symbol. Beds were made of wooden framework and the filling or mattress was made of plaited flax strings (for springs) that were tied to the ends and sides of the bed. The folding stool was invented by ancient Egyptians and the wealthy used high end materials like ebony wood, leather for covering, and gold to decorate the stool.

In the fifth century the Greeks invented the dining couch where small tables and step stools were creatively arranged for dining. Men mostly partook in this type of dining and also had drinking parties after dinner was over. They also made dressers or sideboards to display gold and silver valuables and placed the furniture opposite the door so when visitors came it was the first thing they would see when entering the residence.

The ancient world was by no means ancient when it came to their homes in furnishing for comfort, luxury, and style. Creativity, inventions, and the necessity of having furniture and storage in the ancient world is not far from what cultures of today are seeking. As in ancient cultures we just gotta have some stuff for our place!


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